Friday, December 21, 2012

We're still here.

We made it through this end of the world. I've forgotten how many I've survived so far; a half-dozen, at least. Just as well. I've still got things I want to do.

These photos, from a misty April day in 2009 on Crescent Beach, seemed apropos:

The tide was so low, the tide flats so ample, that waders and walkers at the edge were lost in the mist. There's a large boat out in the channel, and a heron or two, besides.

Do you see the girl in red?
Looking in the opposite direction, towards the mainland, the view is clearer. It's still a long, long way away.


  1. someone pointed out to me yesterday , and I had never thought of this, it takes 48 hours for any given day to clear the earth.

    So we should not let our guard down too quickly.

  2. Love the top picture.

    Perhaps surviving so many ends of the world means you (we?) are immortal?

    Happy Christmas!



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