Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hermit reaches for the top

". . . we don't understand animal consciousness . . ."

Marian Stamp Dawkins was talking about "even invertebrates". And when it comes to these "lesser" creatures, we know so little! Here's another hint as to how hermit crabs think and learn.

On second thoughts, that fork was too slippery. I should have taken a minute to wind some string around it.

The things that swim by in the background are amphipods and copepods.


  1. delightful

    I watched wvery minute

    Did she eat the seaweed, or just investigate it?

  2. Wonderful video. Thank you.

  3. Upup ... As far as I could see, she just looked the seaweed over. Even the piece she brought down to the thermometer top with her, she let go immediately.

    There are long strands of that same seaweed attached to the floor that the hermits climb on; the difference was only that this clump was floating alone on the surface.


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