Monday, November 12, 2012

Garfield the hermit

Seeing eye to eye with a crab:



Did you notice the eyes?

Crabs' eyes are on stalks; the shore crabs' eyes are a graceful paisley shape.

Freckles on a raft of Turkish towel.

Hermit crabs' eyes are stalked, too. But they come in many shapes; round, vertical ellipses, even U-shaped. My hairy hermits have oval eyes with long, horizontal irises, with the pupil at the top; a heavy-lidded, world-weary, Garfield* the cat sort of eye.

"Moi seul sens ce tourment." (See Henri, Paw de Deux)

*Or Henri; watch for 1:30.


  1. What camera are you using for these?

  2. Mark,
    I'm using the Nikon Coolpix, P7000. Just a point and shoot, for now.


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