Thursday, September 27, 2012

September sampler

While I have been spending all my spare time recently staring into the aquarium or checking yet another page on Google, the world has gone on its way. (Inconsiderate of it, that!) The long summer is winding down; out near Chilliwack, the trees are turning yellow. My little maple has begun to drop leaves, and the tiger lilies that I barely had time to notice are bare stalks. Winter shadows lie across my garden plot. The first pair of juncos are back. My daughter is talking about Christmas plans.

But I haven't been entirely oblivious. I've paused, now and then, to take a quick photo or two of non-aquarium residents. See:

A black and yellow bee on Canada thistle. Cougar Creek.

Back view. Elbowed antenna just visible.

On the sheltered wall by our front door, assorted moths sleep through the daylight hours. I saw, one day, an orange one, very tiny. I dashed in, dropped off the groceries and grabbed the camera. And when I got back to the door, it was gone, though I searched high and low.

Other moths were less flighty:

Brown moth. I found a match on BugGuide, id'd only as "moth". Not much help.

*Update: In the comments, Sara Rall identified it as Neoalcis californaria, the Brown-lined Looper.

He's hiding his feathery antennae, but I got a glimpse of one side.

'way up at the top of the wall, wedged in beside a beam. I had to stand on a chair and stretch for this photo.

Today's offering; a 1/2 inch plume moth.

Beside my desk. A big spider carrying her egg case.

From my desk, through the window. A Steller's Jay eating peanuts.

Took a quick walk down Cougar Creek. I love the patterns water striders make with their feet. This one is superimposed on reflections of tree branches in the fog.

More water strider patterns.

And from the BirdCam, a robin in for her bedtime bath. 8:00 PM and already dark out.

What else have I missed?

This. While I was typing that last line, I heard a rattle outside and went to look. A raccoon was drinking from the birdbath. I hadn't set the BirdCam (too busy), but I managed to get the door open a crack and the camera poked through without startling the 'coon.

Finished his drink. Now for a bit of salad.

Caught in the act, digging a hole under my London Pride. Looking for slugs, maybe. He's welcome to them.

And with the third flash shot, he turned and fled. Goodnight, 'coon! Happy hunting!


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    How about Neoalcis californiaria - Brownlined Looper for your stripy moth?

  2. Sara, Yes, that's it! Thank you.


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