Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Queen Anne with mulberry topping

On Tyee Spit, in the much-disturbed ground around the tip, Queen Anne's lace, Daucus carota, dances in the wind.

Flowering umbels and "bird's nest" seed heads.

See that dark spot in the centre of the flowering disk? There was one in each head we looked at.

And they're all this colour.

All this time, and I'd never noticed that before!

Checking my book, I found, under Wild carrot/Queen Anne's lace;
FLOWERS: White or yellowish (but the central flower of the umbel commonly purple or pink.)

But is that purple? Or pink? Or halfway in between? So I went to Crayola crayon colors for a better match, and found Mulberry. The lighter bit in the centre would be Cerise. (Scroll down; they're in alphabetical order.) Must be accurate about these details!

Closed to visiting bees. Seed production time.

The seeds are prickly, brown when ripe.


Only five more days until  Rock Flipping Day, next Sunday, September 9th. Have you selected your rock(s) yet?


  1. I thought I pulled out all of my carrots last year, but two must have missed my grabbing hand. They are now blooming. It takes two seasons for that to happen. They look just like the wild Queen Anne. - Margy

  2. The domestic carrot was developed from the wild Q.A. Do the carrot flowers have that purple/pink center?


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