Thursday, September 06, 2012

Ma Squirrel

I'm getting the hang of positioning and focusing the BirdCam. For now, it goes on the ground in the daytime, on the tripod at night. The nights have been quiet, but by day, I'm seeing chickadees and a black squirrel that never stops moving.

Today, a grey female showed up:

Hello? Did I hear a click?

"Again? Do I need to worry?"

No, little one; no worries. And I see you have kits; 6 hungry kits. Eat up, eat up! There's more where that came from.


And now it's only four days until Rock Flipping Day, this Sunday, September 9th. I've invited a 6-foot teenager to come and help me with a couple of big rocks across the street.

Instructions, history, etc.


  1. BirdCams are a real blast and I'm tickled to see you've been hooked. Get ready for some surprises. You'll catch visitors you never realized were there. After weeding out the B-B-B shots (blanks, blurs, butt shots), maybe only 10% are usable. Some days, everything gets deleted, but that's normal. Looking forward to your catches.

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  3. In one of the first conversations I had with the man who is now my husband, & another friend, I imitated the looks animals have on their faces when they hear a click and WHAM, a camtraker (sp?) takes their photograph in the next moment. It CRACKS me UP! =)

    I live for the "HUNH?" expression. =) NO matter how regal or impressive the animal. GREAT fun.

    Great shots, and I love that the camera is down at their level--very nice!

  4. That's a great camera. I wonder if I got one if I could get a picture of Ms. Woodrat sitting on my chaise lounge on the cabin porch. I know she sits there every night because she leaves me a calling card. - Margy

  5. Dave, I'm hoping for skunks. I have smelled them around here, never seen them.

    Margy, I'm sure you'd catch Ms. Woodrat. I'd love to see that!
    If they're out of stock again in Lee Valley, you can get them from


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