Sunday, August 05, 2012

Reifel Island sampler

Vacation coming up! If all goes as planned, we'll be leaving for a week in Campbell River early Tuesday morning. We're halfway packed, most of our errands run, food ready, reservations made. And here I am, trying to clear my desktop for all the photos we'll be taking, and I'm soooo far behind.

The 27th of last month, we were in Reifel Island. It was a great day; hardly anyone about, and the two- and many-legged residents were happily going about their business. I even saw a tiny, furry, flattish mouse-sized critter. Not a mouse, a shrew, mole, something of that sort; he was gone before I got a good look.

What else? Here, in no particular order, are some birds, some bugs, some plants:

An X of pigeons.

Wood duck female

Thistle going to seed

Twin berry. I like those red frilly "collars".

Patient heron

Green Douglas fir cones. Those little white blobs on the twig at lower left are balls of fluff. I noticed them on the needles of our Douglas firs at home, too. Must investigate.

The dock is really red this year.

Little daisies and a blue, blue fly

Having heard the rustle of a goody bag, the geese come from the far side of the pond, queueing up on the way.

Quiet trails and a lonely bench; sleepy ducks and a strolling sandhill crane

Sandhill tail feathers, each one different.

A mound of mini-daisies

Bee or bee mimic? Coated with snowy thistle pollen.

Thistles without bees.

There are too many for one post; I'll post the other half shortly.

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