Saturday, August 04, 2012

Stood up!

Every night this week, around 1 AM, a pair of raccoon kits has been coming to drink from my birdbath. They are so small still, that they can't reach the water without climbing up and into the tray, so they make quite a racket. And they're really cute, bumbling around in the dark.

I've tried to take photos, but with the flash, I just get the backwash from the window pane. Without, I get a grey blur. Opening a window doesn't work; they jump down and run away instantly. So tonight, I've rigged up a good light aimed at the birdbath, and waited for them, camera ready.

They didn't show up.

I'll try again tomorrow. For now, I've cheered myself up with photos of yellow asters taken this afternoon.

Bee on Dusty Miller

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