Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June flowers in the banana belt

Dazzling colours ..

Beach pea, Crescent Beach, last week

Evergreen rose, Beach Grove

Foxgloves, Crescent Beach

Giant allium, Beach Grove

California poppy, Beach Grove

Unidentified purple flower, Beach Grove

Down there by the American border, barely 15 kilometres away from us in Upper Delta, they're always at least two weeks ahead of us. Except at the tail end of the year; we get winter first.

I guess that's fair.


  1. The last plant looks like Cranesbill. I dug out my trusty Pojar and McKinnon and it resembles Northern Geranium (G. erianthum). I am a sucker for a mystery plant. Their map shows it only grows on the northern B.C. coast, but maybe your plant didn't read the book. The USDA map puts it in all of B.C. and Vancouver Island. I enjoy all of your posts.

  2. Those colors made brilliant by the sun shine ... oh my!

    I don't know about the fairness of that last statement. Hmmm ....

  3. Dave, It does look like Cranesbill. Thanks! The book also mentions the Western geranium, G. oreganum, which does grow this far south.

    Eileen, I guess I shouldn't complain, should I? Your summer comes even later and leaves sooner than ours.

  4. I spend a lot of time in Bellingham, but have never noticed much of a difference. Probably because when I'm there I'm unfortunately indoors most of the time. From the condo it often hard to determine if it is raining or not. - Margy


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