Monday, June 18, 2012

Just another squirrel

It's baby season again.

A pair of chickadee parents are bringing their brood around to learn about sunflower seeds and windows. I think there are 5 youngsters in all. They're too fast, coming and going, to be sure.

And a small grey squirrel is out on his own, very happy with the sunflower seeds I put down for him, and very curious about us.

"Hello, people!"

"Now let's see how many of these I can stuff into my cheeks."

And we've got a whole new crop of baby slugs, also looking for sunflower seeds. The war continues. Tonight, I put out a concoction of yeast and cornmeal that my son says will attract and drown them. We'll see.

*Update: Yes! 4 drowned slugs this morning, and two more were on their way into the bowl.

Recipe: sugar, yeast, corn meal (my son says grits), warm water. Enough water to drown the slugs in the container, warm enough to start the yeast budding, about equal quantities of yeast and sugar. Some grain; corn, grits, wheat, you name it; to thicken the liquid slightly. So far, it works.


  1. A cute little thing.

  2. Squirrels are so cute!! Too bad they don't tend to touch earth in my yard, what with the dogs...


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