Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Desktop wildlife

I'm forever trying to get a good photo of a carpet beetle. I think they're really cute, but I can't seem to capture their personality properly. One dropped in to visit yesterday, so I had another go at it. He was quite peaceful until I brought in a few flowers to keep him happy and a couple of lemon balm leaves for a background. Then he got really excited and ran all over the place, checking out everything, before he flew away.

An aphid on one of the flowers was much more cooperative.

Winged aphid, in the centre of a white bacopa.

The carpet beetle, slowing down. A second later, he spread out his wings and left. I found him again later on my desk.

If at first (second, third, etc.) you don't succeed, ...

I'll try again another day.


  1. Critters sure have it good around your place, especially if they cooperate with filming. - Margy

  2. And even when they don't. I just brought in fresh flowers for the carpet beetle.

    I think if I got my hands on a bug map, I'd find a place marker here; "Room and board - Good eats!"


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