Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life's too short to dawdle

I went over to the vacant lot today, to see if the ant pupae I found last month were hatching yet. Not quite, but it should be any day now, so I'll check often from now on.

On the way back, I discovered treasure; a temporary pond swarming with ephemeral life. I'll post photos and info tomorrow.

And, while I stood at the edge of the pond, a yellow jacket dropped in to get a drink:

One quick sip, and he was on his way. Busy, busy.

I caught this hover fly in the air as he zipped by. His wings are those pale blurs on either side. Hurry, hurry!

And the four-spotted skimmer was much in evidence, speeding past me every few minutes, never close enough, never pausing even for a second, so I could get a photo. Rush, Rush! Time's a wasting!

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  1. I try to keep my distance from yellow jackets. This week at the cabin I saw the tiniest water striders every. Barely large enough to see, except for their motion on the water. I guess everyone has to start out as a baby. - Margy


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