Thursday, June 21, 2012

On deadheading rhododendrons

A few observations:

  • While it is theoretically possible to completely deadhead a rhododendron, it has never been done. There's always another head hidden away in plain sight.

  • I am convinced that while I'm on one side of the rhodo, new flower heads on the other side are speed-budding, -blooming, and -dying.

  • Want to hear a rhododendron snigger? Say, in its hearing, "I guess I'm done; I'll call it a day." Then turn around real quick and look at the area you just finished. See the new/old head? Right in front of your nose?

  • The point of a rhododendron leaf, when poked into an eye, really hurts.
Just saying. Back to work!


  1. How about the ones that fight back with sticky exudate?

  2. You mean there are some that don't?

    What we put up with for a few weeks of gorgeous blooms! And a whole winter's worth of deep green; there is that.


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