Saturday, March 03, 2012

Spring beauty. Coming soonish.

It's still raining. All day, all night.

The rain and being shut in have put me in a mood for decluttering, so I've been mucking out the storage drive. It's amazing how much stuff gets stuffed into corners to deal with "later". And how hard it is to find any particular thing when there are far too many boxes to look into. I've deleted hundreds of photos tonight.

This one cheered me up:

Fringecup. In one of my planters, April 2009

Tellima grandiflora is its Latin name. Grandiflora, meaning "big flower". An odd name for a plant about 1 foot high, with tiny flowers seen best with a magnifying lens.

It's native to this area, growing in deep shade, an inconspicuous plant, mostly green stalks with greenish flower heads, often hidden among ferns. I am always happy to see a clump of them; they make me smile, so modest and so beautiful. I brought home the seeds from a plant I found in the bush under a mixed cover of alders and cottonwood.

Another month, and I'll be looking in my planter to see if they've come back again. And this rain will help, if we don't all float away first.


  1. That is a pretty flower and photo. Spring is coming!

  2. I've given up on clearing out my computer. I've lost too many good things by mistake. The ones I regret the most was a collection of photos of a snail laying its eggs. One click and I'd zapped it for ever.

  3. I love fringecups - we have a bunch in the front yard.

    I have tried many times to organize and sort my photos. I finally just went out and got an external hard drive with a bunch of memory and dumped them all there!!! Maybe when it's full I'll go through them again. Yeah RIGHT!!!

  4. I think the unusually warm weather has caused a number of our wildflowers to start pushing their way into the world. I took a small hike today to see the beginnings of what appears to be a very colorful spring.


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