Friday, March 02, 2012


The weather continues as before. Rain, mist, sunshine, rain again. Another day inside four walls.

If I can't go out and find things, I can at least prowl around my house and take photos of some of the animals that "live" here. I picked these three up at antique fairs; I don't think they're really over 100 years old, just sort of old. Maybe they'd qualify for the "Vintage" group.

A jade goat. There's just a hint of green in the right light. He's resting on a Central American men's cape.

Mythical animal, much battered, in jade. With the cape and a Chinese pot.

Mr. Froggie. I don't know who made him or where. No matter; I think he's cute.

If this weather continues, maybe I'll just go birding inside. We'll see.


  1. elizabeth kowal1:42 am

    i love the frog. cute!

  2. absolutely adore the frog.

  3. Snow mixed with RAIN here today too ... after a sizeable snowfall over night last night. Now snowing.


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