Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Living dangerously

One thing I like about Strathcona; it's buggy. There still are no flying critters at home in Delta, and very few spiders, even out in the garden. While there's nothing for them to eat, they're sleeping.

Ah, but Strathcona! I was coming up to bed in my daughter's house here, when I noticed a tiny bug on the staircase wall, well above my head. I risked my life, trying to get close enough for a photo; every time I felt secure enough to focus, the narsty critter moved away.

The best I could do. I'll track it down tomorrow, in daylight.

There were a couple of pretty moths, though. I managed to catch one.

I love the frilly pleated "petticoat". The smudge on the left wing is my fault; I had to hold the moth for a while as I searched the kitchen for a suitable lidded container.

I haven't attempted to identify these. I should have been in bed hours ago. Goodnight, all!

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