Monday, March 26, 2012

Half a season in 25 kilometres

The spring flowers are coming on apace in Beach Grove; not so much up here on the hilltop. My birdbath was frozen over a couple of times last week. But we'll get there eventually. Almost all of my perennials have poked an inch or so of green through the top dressing on the soil - steer manure and bone meal, this time. The hostas and ferns are still in hiding. I've planted more seedlings; Sweet William, foxglove, columbine, Candytuft and Fairy's thimble. (I love these names. They roll so easily off the tongue!) Laurie's going to put in a purple gooseberry shrub -yum!

But those fruits and flowers are all in the future; at present we're glad of Beach Grove. These are from last week's showing:

Cherry blossoms against a blue, blue sky

Creamy white clematis

Looking down the throat of a strongly yellow daffodil

Narcissi and their shadows

A green-flowered hellebore

The waxy flowers of Pieris japonica

And some humble purple asters. Well, as humble as asters ever get, crouching down at toe level.

I'm heading up to Strathcona tomorrow. There'll be gardens to envy, to emulate, and probably to shake my head at, bemused.

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  1. I love the yellow daffodils. The ones in my garden float were just about to open when I left. Yesterday, Mom and I drove out to the Skagit Valley to see the fields of daffodils in bloom. They were so bright and cheerful on an overcast day. - Margy


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