Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In lieu of beavers

"Let's go check on the beavers," Laurie said. It was raining and miserable in Strathcona, so we cancelled our plans for the afternoon and went home to Delta, and down to Cougar Creek to see how the beaver were doing.

We didn't see them, as usual. They've rebuilt three dams, and something was swimming about underwater, blowing bubbles; an otter or two, or a beaver. We never saw anything break the surface.

But there were ducks, and new spring growth, and reflections on the water; we weren't disappointed.

Reflections of trees in duck-disturbed water

cougar creek lagoon march-002
Wigeon and squiggles

cougar creek lagoon march-003
Male hooded merganser, between dives.

cougar creek lagoon march-004
His mate, far in the distance

cougar creek lagoon march-005
Mallard pair, on mirror-like water

cougar creek lagoon march-006
Indian plum, just starting to bloom

cougar creek lagoon march-007
I love how these early salmon berry blossoms start out all crinkly.

cougar creek lagoon march-008
Laurie just had to take this view of a wild rose tangle; stems and thorns. Wicked thorns.

cougar creek lagoon march-009
Robin hunting for worms in the grass.

Blogger has been uncooperative tonight; it wouldn't load any of my photos, nor would they upload to Picasa for Blogger's use. I linked these from Flickr, but over Blogger's protests. If they're not showing up, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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  1. The pictures all look great.

    Did you hear or see any Rufous Hummers? I would have expected them last weekend, but none heard or seen


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