Friday, February 11, 2011

Rubies underfoot

We caught the out-going tide on the White Rock beach ...

and it left behind these ridges and valleys half-full of seawater ...

and in those valleys, we found many tiny shrimp, like this one:

Transparent shrimp, with red dots on a thin red cord. About 1/2 inch long.

Against a dark background, with flash; the red cord disappears.

Unfortunately, the one we brought home didn't survive the trip. And I couldn't ID it, either. There's nothing like it in my encyclopedia.

There were wormies, too! Photos anon.


  1. Wow! Neat shrimp! Loved the corduroy wales left by the sea!

  2. I came here from Cytie's guest hearts page, and I have bookmarked your blog, so I can visit again! Your shrimp reminded me of one of the trips to the East Coast, to visit my ex-in-laws. Wading in the very shallow water, you could feel the shrimp exploring your feet. I haven't thought of that in years...
    Thanks for the memories!


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