Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A bit of colour

Victoria Day celebrations, Queen's Park, New Westminster: we spent the morning in the annual antique fair, bypassed the amusement park (noisy!), stopped to look at goats and a calf in the children's petting zoo, and loaded ourselves down with purchases at the craft fair in the Arts Council building. I stopped at the door to take a few photos; yellow, sunny things, since the day was on the grey side.

Laburnum in a field of English daisies.

A bigger laburnum.

Salish totem pole. Top to bottom: thunderbird, killer whale, bear. Man on phone for scale.


And Laurie bought me a dish festooned with Van Gogh-style sunflowers, orange and red.


  1. Love the totems! Putting the man on phone into the first one was brilliant. If these were being designed today, that's probably what would be represented on the pole itself!

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