Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"fiittingly to the center"?

Spam. I liked it when I was a kid. The canned meat variety, that is, sliced and fried until it was crispy around the edges, or chopped and bubbling in a corn and red pepper casserole. (My tastes have changed, or it has. Nothing can fix it these days.)

The non-meat variety, the kind that comes in my e-mail, I can't tolerate. Not then, not now, not ever.

The past few weeks, the blog has been spammed. Every day or two there is a new comment, in Japanese, on a particular post. It doesn't contain links, like the "!Buy Gold!!!!" or p**n ones I often get, or the hopeful "You have a nature blog, so you'll want to help me sell my natural whatevers" kind; this one is just a name and text.

I had it translated yesterday. I couldn't understand it very well, but it was something about "diagnosis". On a post about mushrooms?

Today's post translated thusly: "In order fittingly to the center frame million betting odds horses expected Yasuda Kinen 60th 2010!" Maybe someone's been eating the mushrooms.

So, I'm sorry, but I have had to turn on word verification on comments for the time being. If this is a real person, he'll get through, and be deleted manually. If not, the problem will clear up and after a while I'll return comments to normal.


  1. Ah yes, you've been hit by the Oriental Porn Spammer as well - I know someone who tried a trace-back on the URL and got hit with nasties. I think nearly everyone I know has been targeted, and I think maybe I'm next to turn on word verification! I've been holding out, but got a nonsensical 'the oxen is slow but the earth is patient' (or something like that). They just want you to go to their site so they can get you!

    PS I used to like Spam (the canned meat) when I was a kid too. Now ... you're right, NOTHING can fix it!

  2. I get the occasional "flowers to India" or similar comment spam. Yours sounds much more disturbing. It's sad. I can't imagine anyone following their links and buying anything.


If your comment is on a post older than a week, it will be held for moderation. Sorry about that, but spammers seem to love old posts!

Also, I have word verification on, because I found out that not only do I get spam without it, but it gets passed on to anyone commenting in that thread. Not cool!