Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spider in a hurry

This tiny spider wandered across the kitchen counter.



I had to photograph him in a pill bottle because he was so active. And fast! He's a male, and looking for a female, going by the swollen pedipalps.

I learned something, looking through BugGuide to see if I could identify him; male spiders often become emaciated while they're looking for a mate, because they don't take time to eat. The abdomen shrinks and shrivels. This guy was skinny; from the side, the belly is flat.

I released him outside the door and he raced away. Good luck, little one!


  1. I like bugs and spiders, but this little guy gives me the creeps!

  2. Did you get an ID for this one? I've seen these around the house a few times as well, much more frequently than I'd see them outdoors. The size of smaller abdomen in males is also likely due to not needing to have the mechanics of carrying the eggs (females abdomens shrink considerably after egglaying)

  3. ks; Why? What's different about this one?

    Tim; I didn't have time enough to get an ID. I'm awfully rushed this week. I'll come back to it later.

    I've seen that with females; huge bellies, then back to normal after the eggs are laid.

  4. Don't you LOVE It's such an awesome resource! Great leetle speeder photos :)

  5. By the way, in case you've not yet discovered this feature on, you can create an identity, then upload photos to the ID request section, and people are awesome at replying. I've had some great help on my ID queries. So if you don't have time to hunt for this little fellah, you can certainly post to their ID request and I'm sure within at most a couple of days, you'll get a response.

  6. Amie,
    Yes, I send quite a few critters in to BugGuide. I like to do my homework first, though; they're busy people and if I can sort through the photos and info and find it myself, I don't like to bother them. (Unless, of course, I have a really great photo that I think they need. So far, not too many of those.)

    So with this little spider, I'll go there when I have the time next week, and see if I can locate him. If not, I'll send it in.

  7. His legs are so long! We have hobo spiders here with their 'business' hanging out front ... but they have shorter legs.

    Still, you took a couple of amazing photos of him!


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