Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comparing Februaries

Our hedge, February 26, 2009:

Our neighbour's garden, February 20, 2010:

Of course, it still could snow by tomorrow. In BC, you never know.


  1. It'll snow once the Olympics are over! Just joking.

  2. You have triggered memories with this post. I must look back at some of my old photos too:) No wonder we are loving this Spring so much!

  3. Cis, you might have nailed it.

    Carol, you're on the north shore, at least at work; I wonder if the contrast is as marked over there?

  4. It is sure a different weather year. We went out walking yesterday here in Oregon and the daffodils are in full bloom. I need to get home to the cabin soon or mine on the garden float will be bloomed and gone before I see them. I'd really hate that! - Margy


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