Monday, April 06, 2009

Ducks with almost human eyes

Three ducks seen yesterday at Ladner Harbour Park:

As far as we can figure out, they're mallard hybrids. Mallard crossed with what, I don't know. The eyes remind me of the female wood duck's. (Look at the photos full-size.)

Showing off their white bibs with spotty edges.

We've had four very busy days, and another starting a few hours from now. After that, once I've rested up a bit, I'll have a load of photos to show you; birds, beasties, 'shrooms, and places.

For now, goodnight!



  1. Whoa! How cool that three hybrids all joined each other in one frame of shot. Super neat.

    Interesting to see that you were at Ladner Harbour Park also. Did you see the Great Horned Owl that Hugh (of Rock Paper Lizard) posted yesterday?

  2. OMGoodness I enlarged the photo and they do have human eyes..

  3. Anonymous11:24 pm

    How interesting!

  4. PSYL, The three were "hanging out" together all the time we watched.

    No, we didn't see the owl. We did see some other birds and things, though. More on that tomorrow.

  5. Dawn; Almost spooky, isn't it?

    Huckleberry; any ideas as to what kind of cross they might be?

  6. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Hi Weeta, I asked around about the ducks, and the birders I spoke with felt they are some type of domestic mallard. Will have to look into it further and see what we can find. They sure are interesting looking.

  7. We call 'em marina mallards - probably crossed with pekins. Mallards will breed with anything, it seems like.

  8. Ridger,
    Marina mallards; good name!

    Mallards love to play havoc with our definitions of species.

  9. Anonymous12:26 pm

    bibbed mallads!

  10. Anonymous6:14 pm

    These are black bibed mallards. They are not hybrids. It is just a strange color mutation. There is all kinds of weird color mutations in the mallards. I use to raise them. That is how I know this.


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