Sunday, April 05, 2009

A temptation too strong to resist

This varied thrush lives in our evergreens. Until now, he had rarely ventured beyond their cover or the shadow of the hedge. But he loves suet. Loves it so much, he has forgotten all his shyness; he even allows me to open the window and poke the camera out. It used to be that even my shadow moving inside the house was enough to send him scurrying back into the trees.

He's a ground feeder, so he contents himself with scratching for the crumbs that the chickadees and pine siskins drop from the hanging suet cage.

I wonder what he would think of Zick dough. I'll set some out for him tomorrow.


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  1. When we were visiting friends in Northern California, November a few years back, their apple trees were full of Varied thrush munching down on the ripe apples in the trees. Maybe you should try putting a few apples out...
    and one blog I read mentioned putting out marshmallows to attract orioles. might try that...though, I dont know is that kind of sugar is healthy for the birds.


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