Friday, February 13, 2009

Urban skywatch

We spent the morning in Vancouver yesterday; an early medical appointment, breakfast at our favourite omelette maker's, Lee Valley Tools, lunch at IKEA, and home, laden with bags and boxes. Along the way, we kept the cameras busy:

If you don't think of it as rush hour (well, the pre-rush rush), then it's beautiful.

In a school's windows, the dawn light behind us.

Reflection in a car windshield.

Room with a view.

Crow's nest and crows, along the river.

Light to the east.

10:00 AM. The Knight Street Bridge. Greyness, with warmth beyond.

And all the sky to breathe in.

By the way, don't forget: today, Friday the 13th*, is the start of the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. 15 minutes a day; just right for coffee break.

* Good karma to keep your paraskavedekatriaphobia at bay.

A Skywatch post.



  1. Ah, Lee Valley Tools, I'd like to visit all my money there sometime;)

  2. I know. We started picking up one or two things, and ended up with a bag full. And the bag.

    I like your blog, and signed on as a follower.

  3. Lee Valley ... we should have shares in that company we spend so much there. Catalogues are dangerous things when you live away from shops! I already have a list for the next time we are down.

    We eat lunch at Ikea too. Such a deal!!! We get a large plate of meatballs and one dessert to split between the two of us, plus two glasses of lingonberry juice.

  4. Lovely skywatch pictures.

    I came across a Lee Valley catalog once, and I can't seem to put it down. Everything looks so enticing and useful. Thankfully, I don't know where it is located (and please don't tell me). Ha.

  5. Cis,
    We brought home 3 catalogs and signed on for updates. By supper time, I'd found something else I absolutely must have!

    Ok. I won't tell you where it is. But you'll find it soon enough, anyhow.

  6. Great photos...nice skies...

  7. Funny! I had never run across that phobia before...and I wouldn't attempt to spell it! Since I was born on the 13th, I've always considered it one of my lucky days!

    Enjoyed your drive.

  8. You've captured the beauty of the cloudy skies.

  9. Thanks, Carol and Wren.

    Vickie, One's birthday is always a lucky day. No matter what the phobia fanciers say.

  10. Lovely photos! I like the reflection in a car windshield. =) Happy weekend!

  11. I love that last photo. The bird has all that open sky.

  12. Hi, Niina and Bryan;

    Glad you both found my blog! (And I found yours, too!)


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