Friday, February 13, 2009

Urban skywatch

We spent the morning in Vancouver yesterday; an early medical appointment, breakfast at our favourite omelette maker's, Lee Valley Tools, lunch at IKEA, and home, laden with bags and boxes. Along the way, we kept the cameras busy:

If you don't think of it as rush hour (well, the pre-rush rush), then it's beautiful.

In a school's windows, the dawn light behind us.

Reflection in a car windshield.

Room with a view.

Crow's nest and crows, along the river.

Light to the east.

10:00 AM. The Knight Street Bridge. Greyness, with warmth beyond.

And all the sky to breathe in.

By the way, don't forget: today, Friday the 13th*, is the start of the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. 15 minutes a day; just right for coffee break.

* Good karma to keep your paraskavedekatriaphobia at bay.

A Skywatch post.



  1. Ah, Lee Valley Tools, I'd like to visit all my money there sometime;)

  2. I know. We started picking up one or two things, and ended up with a bag full. And the bag.

    I like your blog, and signed on as a follower.

  3. Lee Valley ... we should have shares in that company we spend so much there. Catalogues are dangerous things when you live away from shops! I already have a list for the next time we are down.

    We eat lunch at Ikea too. Such a deal!!! We get a large plate of meatballs and one dessert to split between the two of us, plus two glasses of lingonberry juice.

  4. Lovely skywatch pictures.

    I came across a Lee Valley catalog once, and I can't seem to put it down. Everything looks so enticing and useful. Thankfully, I don't know where it is located (and please don't tell me). Ha.

  5. Cis,
    We brought home 3 catalogs and signed on for updates. By supper time, I'd found something else I absolutely must have!

    Ok. I won't tell you where it is. But you'll find it soon enough, anyhow.

  6. Great photos...nice skies...

  7. Funny! I had never run across that phobia before...and I wouldn't attempt to spell it! Since I was born on the 13th, I've always considered it one of my lucky days!

    Enjoyed your drive.

  8. Anonymous1:02 pm

    You've captured the beauty of the cloudy skies.

  9. Thanks, Carol and Wren.

    Vickie, One's birthday is always a lucky day. No matter what the phobia fanciers say.

  10. Lovely photos! I like the reflection in a car windshield. =) Happy weekend!

  11. I love that last photo. The bird has all that open sky.

  12. Hi, Niina and Bryan;

    Glad you both found my blog! (And I found yours, too!)


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