Saturday, February 14, 2009

For all you fans of Lee Valley Tools ...

... here are a few photos of the store itself:

Display cabinets and empty heads.

Prepaid Pick-up. Express.

Parking lot monitor.

Somehow, I don't think Lee Valley Tools will be looking to hire me as PR manager. Their loss.



  1. Oh how I love Lee Valley Tools. I often joked that my project manager was instantly recognized by telephone order staff - "Ah Mr. X... Everyone stations please it's Mr. X. What can I get for you today Mr. X."

    Really though, they have many small simple tools that make construction so much easier, you wonder why they weren't in common use before. A saddle square for marking positions of studs for framing is but one example.

  2. Clare, Hmmm... Maybe they will hire me to do PR, after all.


  3. PS. Small, simple? Like the Rim-Roller tool. I had to laugh. Only in Canada!

  4. mmm Lee Valley Tools...drool....

  5. Hi, Spiny Urchin! Welcome to my blog!

    And I love your blog; it's absolutely gorgeous!


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