Sunday, February 15, 2009


Enough of winter! Valentine's Day calls for sunshine and flowers. So we headed to the Banana Belt; the streets one block north of the US border, in Beach Grove.

The sunshine was iffy, but the gardens cooperated:

Pussy willows.

The metallic, glittery eye of a (fake) frog.

Frost-hardy flowers.

Tinies; primulas hiding under the leaf litter.

Pink heather.

First snail of the season.

Very yellow. A primula shows off its corrugated leaves.

Little drooping light bulbs. Snowdrops.

Clumps of snowdrops in a yard packed with them.

Eros dreaming over his burnished globe. We join him, in miniature, among the growing things.

And the day ends where it begins, with love.



  1. Captivating flower and garden art photos. The snail is just gorgeous with its shiny shell and unglazed body.

  2. Cruelty ... we are feet under snow and it is snowing this morning! No blooms here for a while.

  3. Lovely post. It made me eager to search for some wildflowers. If they aren't peeping up now, they will be soon.

  4. Wow, the pictures really do make me think of spring. I especially like the snowdrops.

  5. Our daffodils are just pushing up through the soil. I am a little worried, we haven't had much rain this winter, at least so far, and the snow pack is lower than normal. We could be in store for a very dry summer with low lake levels. I just hate to climb the bridge to shore when that happens. It's like going up a steep ladder and it's hard to hold on and carry things at the same time. At least our float home rises and falls in deep water. Others aren't so lucky. - Margy


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