Sunday, June 08, 2008

Babes in the woods

It was still raining on the Delta slopes yesterday morning, but off to the west we could see blue sky. We grabbed our cameras and went to the White Rock/Ocean Park bluffs, and down the long stairs and trail to the beach.

At the viewing platform partway down, we stopped to take a photo of the water below.

These were among the trees beside the ramp:

A new Steller's Jay fledgling, still rumpled from the nest, and waiting to be fed.

And perched a mere couple of metres away, a hummingbird, a chick, I think.

Among the bright greens of new leaves in the sunlight, his iridescent back almost, but not quite, served as camouflage. Like the Steller's jay, he sat quietly, occasionally grooming himself, not attempting to fly away.

While we watched, another hummingbird arrived. This one did not perch, but buzzed around the chick until he abandoned his branch. The pair flew away behind the honeysuckle vines.

And that's just for starters; more later. Much more.


  1. Your site is very nice, I've linked to it from my own... your photos of the fledgling birds are sweet. I love that fluffy looking Stellars Jay.

  2. Alas, the sun didn't make it out to the valley and that is where we spent the day ... under cloud. Sigh. I've been hankering to get down to the river for a few pictures (we live about two blocks from the river) but have gotten back too late and too pooped to do so. Maybe today though it is raining this a.m. Probably missed my window of opportunity.


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