Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Orange flower mushrooms

I had forgotten to post these mushrooms from the Eve River forest. I had put it off while I tried to identify them. No luck; I give up.

It almost looks like a flower.

The stalks are long, and mostly recumbent.

I don't know if these are the same mushrooms, at a much earlier stage. They were near the others.

There were several groups of these, all under pines, on the ground.

Se me olvidaron estos hongos que descubrí en el bosquecito en la orilla del Rio Eve. Los había dejado al lado mientras trataba de identificarlos, sin suerte. Me rindo.

Maduros, casi parecen flores. Los tallos son largos, y la mayoría reposan horizontalmente en el suelo, siempre bajo abetos, y siempre en el suelo.

No sé si la tercera foto muestra estos mismos hongos recién brotados. Crecían cerca de los otros grupos.


  1. Very nice to see. Thanks.

  2. Wow, that first one almost doesn't look like a mushroom.


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