Monday, October 26, 2020

Corals and tuning forks

It's that time of year again. It rains several times every week; one of these days, the rain will turn to snow. The lawn and the car windows are white with frost in the mornings, but it melts as soon as the sun hits it. Or the rain starts again; whichever comes first.

It's mushroom season! Wherever I go, I find them this week.

On the Elk Falls trail, I found these coral mushrooms:

Clavulina cristata, the crested coral mushroom. With alder leaf for size comparison.

There were several clumps of these. Its branch tips are often split, "crested".

This one, a little to the side of the larger ones clearly shows the crested tips.

A smaller one, peeking out from under ferns.

And a bit further up the trail, there were orange ones:

This one is the yellow tuning fork, Calocera viscosaAgain, the shape of the tips identifies it.

The tips split into two, sometimes repeatedly.

It has received the name "tuning fork" because of this split, and has also been called the yellow staghorn, comparing it to antlers. Tiny antlers on tiny deer: this fungus grows to about 10 cm. above ground. The underground portion is larger, and white. (I didn't dig it up to see.)

These two made my day, but there are still another dozen or so other mushroom photos from that trail to be processed. And more from the museum grounds, and then from Baikie Island. Its a good mushroom year!


Y ahora es la temporada de hongos. Llueve varias veces por semana, y hace frío; el jardín y las ventanas del coche están cubiertos de escarcha en la mañana, aunque se derrita en cuanto le pega el sol. O viene la lluvia, según el día. Entre las hojas caídas, brotan hongos por todos lados.

Encontré estos en el camino hacia las cataratas de Elk Falls. El hongo blanco es el "coral con corona", llamado así por las puntas divididas de cada rama.

El hongo anaranjado se llama comunmente el diapasón, por las puntas divididas en dos. También se le llama "staghorn", cornamenta de venado. El hongo crece hasta más o menos 10 centímetros de alto, pero la porción escondida bajo la tierra es bastante más grande. Y blanco. (No los desenterré para ver; vi una foto aquí.)

En seguida subiré otros hongos de ese mismo camino, una docena o más, y luego otras docenas de otras partes. Parece que va a ser un buen año para hongos.

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