Monday, July 13, 2020

Home census

They send me surveys to fill out: first they ask for my province, age, income, household size. On the last, I don't think they really want the correct answer. This afternoon's census came out at, count them: 11 spiders (that I could find), 2 flies, 15 hermit crabs, 5 green shore crabs, 1 polychaete worm (not seen, but I know he's there), umpteen anemones, 1 cat, 15 limpets, 14 snails, 2 Wosnesenski's isopods, 2 mussels, 1 slug (found on the windowsill, flicked back outside where he belongs). And me.

They're a good hedge against slipping into a sad laziness. Cats and hermits and anemones must be fed and watered. The tank needs to be chilled and scrubbed. The cat must be played with; she insists. And petted. Soft furniture needs to be de-haired.

The spiders can take care of themselves, but they don't pick up after themselves, so I have to sweep out old webs.

And the spiders take care of any flies or moths.

Here are a couple of recent residents:

Small spider on a cushion. I brushed against her, so she had to stop and carefully groom each leg before she went her way.

Moth on my wall watching me from behind her antennae.
Plumose anemone, Metridium senile. Old photo, but it's there still.

And as if there weren't enough spiders, there's a spare.


Me mandan encuestas, pidiendo mis opiniones. Pero primero, mis datos: la provincia, mi edad, ingresos, número de residentes en casa. No creo que de veras quieren los totales correctos.

El censo de esta tarde incluye: 11 arañas que pude ver, 2 moscas, 15 cangrejos ermitaños, 5 cangrejos verdes, 1 poliqueto grande (no lo vi, pero sé que ahi anda),  una bola de anémonas, 1 gata, 15 lapas, 14 caracoles marinos, 2 isópodos de Wosnesenki, 2 mejillones, y 1 babosa, que se había trepado a la repisa de la ventana, y que yo envié a pasear afuera. Y yo.

Es una buena cosa tener tantos residentes. Me impiden volverme floja y triste. Necesitan que me mantenga ocupada, proveyendo alimentos y agua para la gata, los ermitaños y anémonas, enfriando y limpiando el acuario, jugando con la gata (que se pone de malas si se me olvida). Y acariciándola. Y quitando los pelos de gato de los muebles.

Las arañas se cuidan solas, pero dejan telarañas viejas en las esquinas, y hay que barrerlas.

Y las arañas también se encargan de cualquier mosca o mariposa nocturna que aparece.

Las fotos: una arañita limpiándose las patas, una mariposa nocturna mirándome desde atrás de sus antenas, una de las anémonas en el tanque (Metridium senile), y por si no tuviera suficientes arañas, una de metal.

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