Saturday, July 04, 2020

Hard at work

Here's another bee. This one's busy on a wind-blown lupin.

Coming in for a landing

She's carrying a small bag of pollen already.

July is a busy month for pollinators. So many flowers!


Aquí hay otra abeja. Esta está buscando polen en un grupo de lupinos. Ya trae una bolsita de polen en una pata.

Hay mucho trabajo para las polinizadoras en este mes de Julio. ¡Tantas flores que hay!


  1. My lupine are all gone to seed and dried up.

    1. It's hotter and drier where you are. We're still sort of in spring weather; rain and fog as often as sunshine. There were a few green lupine seed pods forming, but most of them are just starting to flower.


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