Sunday, February 10, 2019

Kitty loves snow

I'm cat-sitting. My landlord's teen-age (on a cat schedule) kitten will be staying here for a week. And it's snowing outside. So she comes in, climbs on me, shakes off the snow onto my face, goes to eat a bit, then cuddles up in my best chair until she's dry. Then she asks to be let out again to play in the wonderful snow.

Meet Corsa. Long-haired and fluffy; a perfect coat for snowy weather.

"What big teeth you have!"

At least Chia prefers the rain to the snow. She's staying warm and dry. And keeps her tail tucked in because Corsa attacks it if it dangles.


  1. I like cats if they belong to other people.

    1. There's an advantage to having them go home after a week or so.

  2. We are officially a 2 cat household again, after picking up the tab for the next-door cat's hip surgery.His stitches came out yesterday and he and Sporran are exploring the post-monsoon garden.(But I still keep a bath towel at the door step!)

  3. I love cats, even when they have quirks that are annoying. - Margy


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