Saturday, February 09, 2019


A few trees, from here and there.

Somewhere along the highway near Woss.

I wonder; why is it that snags so often are taller than the forest surrounding them? Did they become snags because they stood out and took the worst of the weather? Or just because they're old? Or did all the other dead trees fall, and these were the toughest? Just wondering.

Nearly home.

I pass this tree several times a week, about 4 minutes from home. No matter how humdrum the day has been, this tree draws my eye upward, away from traffic and road bumps and the shopping list I've been reciting. It immediately changes my outlook on life.

I removed a bunch of wires. The camera sees them, but my eyes don't. Or my busy brain deletes them.

From the Canyonview Trail, a pair of eagles on a tree across the river.

And another eagle, a young adult, beside the highway on a low tree for once.

A Skywatch post.

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