Thursday, December 06, 2018

Ahead of its time

There was frost on my driveway yesterday morning. Ice on a few cars, snow on one, probably from out of town. My summer tires spun on the hillside. I went to get the winter tires put on; late, but I'm a procrastinator; it's what I do.

Tonight it's 5 below zero, Celsius. A normal temperature for this time of year, but it won't hold. They're promising us warmer temperatures for the rest of the week. And rain, of course.

BC fall/winter weather. Can't make up its mind.

A hawthorn tree at Oyster Bay, out on the headland, exposed to the worst of our weather, is confused. Is it winter, or spring? Hard to tell, so the tree is putting out its spring flower buds.

"Yay, spring!"

"Or is it winter?"

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  1. We had our first hard frost at the cabin two nights ago. We are running about 4-7 degrees warmer than Powell River. Must be thanks to the water underneath us moderating the temperature. I started using towels and cardboard to insulate my pantry with it's glass canning jars inside just in case. - Margy


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