Monday, July 02, 2018

Barely made it

I ran out on a last-minute errand, leaving the camera behind. And on my way home there was a triple rainbow, three full bands, the entire bow showing, with two pots of gold, one behind my house, one on Quadra Island.

And me without a camera!

I got home, ran for the pocket camera, since the big one needed a lens change - no time for that!

7 minutes to sundown, and the tail end of the rainbow over the museum woods.

The rest of the rainbow had faded. And that pot seems to have moved a few blocks away. Oh, well.

Down at the pier, the crowds were settling in to wait for the fireworks; I was happy on my empty street with a rainbow and orange clouds.

Last gasp. Sunset in 6 minutes.

A Skywatch post.

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  1. Your sky provided sufficient light for cloud-watching, so who needs fireworks?
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