Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Midnight visitor

Summer nights are busy around here. Crane flies of all sizes dance crazily from corner to corner, moths flutter in the open windows, then can't find their way out again. Chia, the cat, chases them, racing and leaping from table to chair to fridge; sometimes she catches one and eats it. Sowbugs trundle along peacefully, checking out sinks and flowerpots, looking for water. The mosquitoes are hungry; so are the spiders, which patrol the walls, ceilings and floor. I'm hoping they get the mosquitoes before the 'toes get me.

This little green emerald moth was parked on the wall above my desk. In the morning, I found her at the kitchen window, already looking a bit frazzled; half her feathers were gone. I blame the cat.

Common emerald moth, Hemithea aestivaria.

These are distinguished from other emeralds by the pointed hindwings, and the dotted fringe. I'm calling her a female, but that's just guessing; she's hiding the tips of her antennae, which would have comb-like projections on the tips, scent organs to help the male find his mate in the dark.

More moth photos coming up.


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