Thursday, May 03, 2018

So pink!

Another of our early spring wildflowers: red-flowering currant.

Ribes sanguineum. The Latin name means "bloody", but the colour varies from pale pink to almost red. This vibrant pink is the most common in this area.

Red-flowering currant is native to BC.This week, they're blooming in the museum woods at the end of my street, along the sides of the road in various places, and probably, unseen, in open areas along our unvisited coast.

The berries are bluish black. They are edible, but tasteless, to humans. The birds like them, though. And hummingbirds visit the flowers.


  1. Beautiful. Speaking of currants, I bought a red currant to plant at the cabin last year. It was a bare root and the first year bore no fruit. This year there are lots of clusters of small flowers all over the second year growth, hints that I will get a good crop later this year. I don't know what they taste like, but it is so exciting to get some fruit up the lake. - Margy

  2. Your garden always does so well. I hope you have plenty of red currants, enough to make jelly this year.

  3. We go thorny with Ribes sp.


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