Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bug's-eye view

On knees and elbows in the meadow at Oyster Bay Shoreline Park, I followed a beetle, trying to take his photo; he wasn't interested.

So I looked at the meadow, instead. It's another world down there.

Mosses, red sorrel, and what looks like Prairie pepper grass, but is only an inch or two tall.

Roadside rock moss, and a couple of sporophytes on twisty stems.

Caught up with the beetle/bug. Has wings, but never tried to fly. And never stopped running.

Indian consumption plant.

Spittle bug spit. It was on anything taller than a hand's breadth.

Hairy stems of wild strawberry.

Back on my feet, I looked down at those wild strawberries. They're growing everywhere, flowering prettily, but I've never seen berries here. Maybe this year.

Two open flowers, four past their prime. Pollinated? I hope so.


  1. Spittle bugs are so interesting. I worked through on one to see what the bug looked like. I'm sure he wasn't very happy with that. - Margy

    1. I started to do that to one, too, then felt sorry for the little guy inside and left him be, half uncovered.


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