Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Three hermits

There are a pair of fat, green polychaete worms in my aquarium, and a tiny, tiny, tiny crab, so small I only discovered him because he, as crabs do, lifted a shell many times his size and weight. So I grabbed the camera, set up the lights and reflectors, and spent an hour staring into the tank.

So the worms went into hiding, and the crab never came out. Never mind; the camera kept busy, anyhow.

For starters, here's a trio of hermits.

Hairy hermit, Pagurus hirsutiusculus, getting her exercise. Hermits love to climb, the more challenging the slope, the better.

Hanging out with buddies, an anemone and a limpet, on a carpet of multicoloured algae.

One of the tinies. About the size of a long-grained rice grain. These littles are so light, I've found them several times climbing halfway up the glass wall of the aquarium, holding on to specks of algae.

Next, I think, a passel of amphipods.

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