Thursday, January 25, 2018

Signs of spring

I try not to complain. BC winter weather is what it is; fickle, inconstant, but usually wet. Sunny and calm this morning, raining cats and dogs and the occasional fish just as I set out for a long drive on unfamiliar back roads, blowing and howling one moment, the whitecaps out in the channel spraying foam, and so peaceful that every building on the shore reflects cleanly off the water the next.

In a gap between weather extremes, I went to look at the garden. The dandelions and hawkweed are spreading out their new leaves, enthusiastically, as usual. I ripped handfuls out; their roots were already down a full handslength.

But the primulas are blooming, muddily. And my perennial parsley is back. And everywhere, the early blues are sprouting. Bluebells, hyacinths, crocuses, and maybe a tulip or two; at this stage, I can't tell which is which.

Bluebells, I think.

And my pink hydrangea is budding!

No complaints, then. The garden likes the weather, so I will, too.

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