Sunday, January 21, 2018

Old photo and weather report

I'm still poring over old photos, looking for overlooked goodies. In a photo of sponges and mussels, found on a rock at a very low tide on White Rock beach, I discovered other members of their community.

Sponges, mussels, large plumose anemones (Metridium senile), at least 4 species of seaweed, several tiny snails, and a pretty white whelk. And maybe, down in the shade, another anemone or two.

The wind is still howling and shrieking outside. My windows are rattling; sometimes the raindrops hit so hard they sound like pebbles. It's a very good time to be sitting inside sorting photos.

Chia goes outside to do her business; she doesn't like kitty litter. And she doesn't mind the rain, but tonight, she comes in meowing and swats at me, as if the wind were my fault.

The wind knocked down one of the bird feeders. I went out to refill it and tie it more securely; there were no birds to be seen. I came in, hung up my jacket, and looked out the window. There was a bird on the feeder already. And they were busy at it all afternoon, in spite of the wind. How they manage to steer in this wind, I can't imagine.


  1. There's a rattling at my window at the moment - precipitation that can't decide if it's ice or rain.

  2. Last night was brutal on the lake. Some of the worst gusts I can remember. We did okay but I hear there was damage to other cabins on the lake, and one broke loose and was floating free. That's a nightmare of mine (for real) but we are well secured and the cabin is well built. - Margy

  3. I'm glad you're safe. When I was a kid, the neighbour's house got loose and floated away in a storm, with his wife and three little kids inside. He came home from work and found them out in the channel. Everybody was ok, but it was a scary time for them.


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