Monday, December 04, 2017

Supermoon road

It gets dark early around here this time of year. Coming home in pitch-dark at 7:30, the street-lighted road ahead of me continued on across the channel, painted in place by the full moon.

Yellow light, white light. Taken through the windshield with the pocket camera.

I went home for the other camera. 7:43. The moon is now too high to capture both road and moon at once from this hill.

I drove south, trying to escape streetlights and spill lights from the houses and hotels along the waterfront. The first dark spot was at Oyster Bay: 8:30 PM; by now the moon was high above, the glow on the water fading.

Looking south, over Oyster Bay. The car tail-lights never stopped.

Three stars. The night was clear and just above freezing.

The moon shining through trees. And taillights, of course.

Looking back, northwest towards Stories Beach. Quadra Island in the distance on the right.

Two photo sites marked. Google maps.

A Skywatch post.

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