Thursday, December 07, 2017

Foggy feeders

A thick fog settled in yesterday afternoon. At first, I couldn't see Quadra Island three kilometres away; by 4:00, even the shore beside the road disappeared. A pedestrian crossing the street ahead of me was just a blurry, darker area in the fog.

This morning, they're warning us not to drive unless it's necessary. I'm reduced to looking out the window at the fog.

I can just about see my bird feeders from the kitchen window. The camera sees much better; at least I can identify the chickadees; other LBBs are mere shapes.

Chickadee and, I think, a junco. Photo brightened and contrast increased.

Chestnut-backed chickadee.

Over on the mainland, most of our chickadees were the black-capped 'dees. Here on Vancouver Island, the only chickadee is the Chestnut-backed. They don't seem to be as  chatty as the black-capped were. Maybe it's just that there are fewer of them around my feeders; why stay around to dee-dee-dee at me when there are so many other trees to visit?

They take both the suet and the black-oil sunflower seeds, but ignore the mixed bird seed, leaving that for sparrows and juncos.


  1. I've been fogged in town for over a day, and it's not looking good to get back home this afternoon as promised by the weatherman (such a fickle guy). I see your twirling bird feeder. That was such a good post for me. I put mine away for the winter since there are few birds up the lake. - Margy

  2. You remind me about the winter fog of Port Townsend, Wa. It surprised me that fog came in winter and hung around there, while here in California summer is our foggy season. Sure hope that fog lifts soon. Beyond it is blue skies, I'm sure!


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