Thursday, December 21, 2017

Blue light

Here in the rain belt, the warmer the winter, the colder the light, it seems. As if the damp in the air were visible; a reminder that the clouds overhead will drop to the ground in fog at any moment. Colours are muted, greyed out, even at midday. Blues predominate.

Bird viewing shack, with photographer. The strongest colours are artificial; the drink container and the blue tarp on the roof of the shack. Down in the brown grasses and mud, mallards and wigeons sleep, their bright winter coats hidden from hunting eagles.


  1. Beautiful photo! Interesting about colder light in warmer weather. Very different from the desert light that I am used to seeing.

    1. Once it freezes hard, the air is clear and bright; colours almost vibrate!

  2. Just like a watercolour painting. - Margy


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