Saturday, September 09, 2017

Sleeping quarters

A year ago, in mid-July, I posted a photo of Chia asleep in her favourite basket.

Chia, at 4 months old.

She slept in this basket for months. I moved it from the table to a chair, to a trunk, to the top of a cabinet; she followed it wherever it went. But, eventually, it needed to be washed, and while it dried, I put it away; it was too small for her by then, anyhow. She slept, instead, on a chair.

I cleaned and re-organized my cupboards last week, and the basket ended up for a while, back on the table. Chia claimed it immediately.

"Ahhhhh, now that's comfort!"

She can still fit inside, sort of, with only a bit of overhang at the back, if she scrunches herself up really tight.

Check out that raspy tongue!

So, for now, she has her basket back. She's purring!

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  1. Such a beautiful companion. Cats have great memories. When we had Sticktail he had to travel with us between our condo in the States, one in Powell River and up the lake at the cabin. He always remembered his favourite sleeping, eating and litter box spots. At the cabin there was one spot of grass on a log float at the back. As soon as he was allowed outside he'd head there for a fresh green treat. I was gardening yesterday and his favourite snack spot now has grass and other plants about two feet tall. Guess they are glad not to be eaten down to the nub any more. - Margy


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