Friday, September 08, 2017

If wishes were horses*

It's raining. My geraniums are blooming.

So red!

And I feel vaguely guilty over feeling happy for the coolness and the clearing air, and over my annoyance at finding muddy cat footprints across my desk, while wildfires rage up and down the west, hurricanes play tag in the Atlantic, a major earthquake shakes Mexico, floods drown South Asia, with malaria and dengue fever following in their tracks, the Koreas prepare for war ...

"Stay safe, everybody!" doesn't cut it. I am so sorry.

*"If wishes ..."


  1. You are right in that platitudes don't cut it. But I still feel for all my friends in various areas of danger.

  2. Me, too. Friends and family. :(

  3. Strange times right now. So many disasters all at once and unrest around the world. - Margy


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