Thursday, February 23, 2017

The cormorants

On a pair of rocks near the shore at the 50th parallel, a small flock of double-crested cormorants perches every day, whatever the weather. This Tuesday morning, the flock had doubled in size, and a couple had to make do with a smaller rock, just a stone's throw off the beach. I walked down, taking a couple of photos, a couple of steps, a couple of photos, a couple of careful steps ... I was quite close before they started to worry.

"Okay, that's close enough!"

And they're off.

From the street, where I see the cormorants daily as I pass by, they all look a dull crow black, but from the edge of the water, and with the sun shining, suddenly some of them acquire beautiful colours, shining purple and green.

Two are smaller, more brightly coloured, and have black faces and dark bills. Visiting Pelagics, over from Mitlenatch Island?

The double-crested cormorants have no crests at the moment. In breeding season (surely soon now?) they will develop two tufted clumps of feathers on their heads.

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  1. Interesting differences. Since we no longer have a dinghy for our boat we can't go on shore at Mitlenatch Island. I used to love to visit and watch all the gulls and explore the meadow. - Margy


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