Friday, February 24, 2017

Moody skies

Looking west over water on a winter afternoon, the view is rendered in blue, black, and grey, with sometimes a touch of orange. 

Jan. 29, 3:10 PM. Campbell River estuary.

Nov. 31, 2:53 PM, same location, with heavy rain on the way.

And the same location in a snowstorm. Feb. 3, 2:52 PM

Feb. 17. Sundown comes later now, and the light is warmer. 6:07 PM, over Oyster Bay.

A Skywatch post.


  1. These water views are magical. Serene scenes.

  2. Beautiful skies. I especially like the first photo, both the sky and reflection!

  3. We had a bit of snow in Bellingham last night, but our trip to Vancouver this afternoon was in mostly sunny weather. Typical BC this time of year. - Margy

  4. So very beautiful, they are moving.


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